Frisbee Fodder


Ulf Boy: Season 01 Episode 03

Panel 01

A cold, wet fish has a fly on the end of its nose and is looking up at the fly

Panel 02

Papa moves in to look closer at the fish, he is frowning at the fly and the fish is looking up at them both

Panel 03

Papa is seated at the dinner table looking anxiously at the clock behind him. It is just after 5pm.

Papa Ulf is normally home by now
Panel 04

Focus is on an empty chair with a plate of fish and chips on the table. Behind the chair is the front door.

Panel 05

The room is dark and the door is slightly illuminated. There is a knock at the door.

Narrative Knock Narrative knock Narrative knock
Panel 06

The frisbee soars across the park towards some trees and bushes

Papa Ulf is in
so much

Continued next week…