Frisbee Fodder

Who is Meg?

Ulf Boy: Season 01 Episode 01

Panel 01

Eyes in a dark space look left

Panel 02

…the eyes look right

Panel 03

Eyes look towards the viewer, startled…

Panel 04

A small boy squints in the light, a door has been opened. He is inside a fridge.

Panel 05

A man with a moustache has opened the fridge door and is looking in at the boy

Panel 06

The man stands, holding the fridge door open, confused, and questions the boy inside

Papa Why are you
sitting in the
fridge, Ulf?
Ulf I wanted to see if the
light went off when
the door was closed
Panel 07

Papa, rolling his eyes, throwing his hands up in the air

Papa Come on,
it's time for dinner
Panel 08

Ulf standing in the kitchen

Ulf Can I just play with Meg for five more minutes?
Panel 09

Close up of Papa's eye, his eyebrow is raised, curiously

Papa Who is Meg?
Panel 10

Ulf, looking down at the floor bashfully

Ulf Meg is my best friend
Panel 11

Papa stands with his arms folded, eyebrow raised

Papa Another of your 'imaginary' friends, huh?
Panel 12

Ulf, annoyed and agitated

Ulf Meg is
200% real!
Panel 13

Papa is angry, his moustache is pointy and his face red

Papa Stop being silly. Meg doesn’t exist, now come to dinner!
Panel 14

Ulf, standing at the far end of the kitchen. Papa looks suspiciously over his shoulder at Ulf.

Ulf If Meg isn’t real how does she know that you can’t sleep?
Panel 15

Ulf, walking away from Papa, looking behind him

Ulf That you don't sleep…
Panel 16

Ulf has his back almost turned away from Papa

Ulf That you have never slept…
Panel 17

Papa's face looks tired, wrinkled and grey

Panel 18

Papa, in denial, reaches towards Ulf, smiling

Papa Of course I sleep Ulf, after I put you to bed!
Panel 19

Ulf speaking face-to-face with Papa

Ulf She says you stand exactly in the middle of the kitchen. Every night.
Panel 20

Papa is thinking, his memory hazy, he is standing in the kitchen at night motionless

Panel 21

Papa is worried, standing in the kitchen with his back to the window. At the window a silhouette is behind the glass.

Papa …how could anyone know that?